Today, approximately 10.000 companies operating in the sector operating in various phases of gold, 25.000 distributors, a total of 130.000 people are employed by the producers and distributors; Every year, 509 tons of gold, 780 tons of silver, 3.3 tons of platinum are produced for the retail domestic market with a total value of 5,526,000 Euros, 70% of which is export related.

This area is characterized by large companies located in various industrial areas as well as smaller companies such as single or small craft laboratories located in the city centre; therefore it is very important to provide delivery service with small size transport vehicles both for small quantity of products and to bypass the traffic in the city center quickly.

The presence of large warehouses close to the main gold pillars, high storage capacity and partnership with different producers that can quickly replenish their supply provide a very fast and secure Uniholding distribution service.

Product quality is very important in this industry and that is why the Uniholding group is supported by large laboratories and experienced technicians who ensure this.