UNISODA company is a UNICHIMICA corporation. In other words, the company of UNICHIMICA operating in Turkey is UNISODA. Our main company is rooted in Italy for 100 years.

From the third family generation of the most important entrepreneurs in the Veneto Region, it has trained a new, young and specialized team that can face every sector of the company with its skills and technical know-how; Backed by major analytical laboratories and the support of expert technicians, the team is ready to face the global challenge in a highly competitive market and at the same time, it keeps its sensitivity to the environment at the highest level and acts in harmony with it.

Through mergers, acquisitions and new job creation, the company has become the nationwide market leader in the distribution of chemical-based products for the tanning industry. The main fields of activity of the Uniholding company are; textile, jewelry, electroplating and mechanical, food and sewage treatment, especially.

Uniholding provides a network of coordinate facilities distributed throughout Italy through the companies of its group, Unichimica, Vukisa and Mare. Uniholding, which can obtain deposits in a short time thanks to its huge warehouses close to strategic areas, a significant number of vehicles, high storage capacity and other production groups with which it is a partner, lends the tanks it may need.

Uniholding Companies have certificates recognized by the national organic control council to guarantee quality products and services, ADR transportation, packaging collection and cleaning at no additional cost.

Uniholding focuses on the work experience of large companies specializing in the distribution of chemicals, significant know-how, advanced laboratories, highly skilled and professional technicians.

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